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Why should you work with Mark?

Why should you work with Mark?

I have over 25 years of experience in the financial advising field and over 10 years of experience with Health Insurance.  This unique mix of experience means that I know the strategies that will help you maximize your Advanced Premium Tax Credits.  There are strategies for small business owners.  There are strategies for employees.  There are strategies for single parents.  There are strategies for families.  Having my certain set of skills, allows me to navigate the complex world of taxes to help you maximize your health insurance coverage for the lowest possible cost.

Need Health Insurance for International Travel or longer Stays abroad

We offer coverage for international travel or international stays.

If you or a loved one is travelling abroad, please copy the link below and paste it in your web browser for travel insurance.

If you or a loved one will be staying abroad for school, work or retirement opportunities please copy  the link below and paste it in your web browser for health insurance coverage in a foreign country:

If the links aren't working click the Learn More button below and we will directly send you a link so you can shop for the best coverage for your situation.

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Mark has been AMAZING!! He calls me each year to go over my policy for the new year and I don’t have to do anything! I have a great policy and would have had no idea where to even start without his help!     ~~Andrea Tunbridge

Mark was accommodating and kind. He did everything he could to make the process of choosing a health insurance plan easy, comfortable, and stress-free. He helped me choose a great plan for me while being informative and helpful. My plan is inexpensive and perfect for me and it's all thanks to Mark! I would recommend him to anyone.      ~~Savannah Par

Mark is so good at what he does. I went without health insurance for 12 years and then I met Mark. Not only did he help me get insurance, but it was great coverage and affordable. Mark was a pleasure to work within addition to being by efficient, punctual, and caring. I highly recommend him and have sent all of my friends to him.     ~~Kathryn Brown

Mark is so great to work with for Health Insurance!  He was easy and fun to work with, so helpful, gave us many options and advised us on the best option for us.  His secretary is great too! Besides getting help with a new Health insurance plan, We have been able to call him several times with questions about setting up payments, and how to navigate the website.  We always feel valued and respected.  We highly recommend Mark!  5 stars!!     ~~Alfred Foster

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